Exclusive How to get FREE Hair Extensions Samples?

BAD HAIR, Inconsistent BATCH, HAIR is Shedding, Hair is Tangling, Quality is So BAD… these are the common problem a Hair stylists, retailer or wholesaler hear from the clients. Those in the hair business are not new to these complaints.  How to find that good supplier?



brazilian free hair extensions body wave free mini samples
brazilian free hair extensions body wave free mini sample
free hair extensions brazilian hair deep wave free mini samples
free hair extensions brazilian hair deep wave free mini samples


Now, you must be wondering what, why, how to get free hair extensions samples? Let me explain in details.

  1. 1.       Why- Factory is giving FREE Hair Extensions Samples?

Many Stylists and retailers have lost $$$$ of dollars on BAD Hair and Bad Samples. No MORE! Now, you can get FREE Hair Extensions Samples.  As a Manufacturer and wholesaler of Hair extensions and wigs, Maye Hair offer Stylists, Hair Stores and retailers FREE Hair Extensions Samples.

On our discussion and research with many clients, we found there is better way to sample hair extensions than buying full product all the time.

  1. 2.       What is there in FREE Hair Extensions Samples Kit?

As per different stylists and stores demand we offer following mini samples categories.

  1. Weft Samples Kit

Hair Weft/Weaves are 16” or 14” long and weigh 20g. Totally one can get 40g of Hair for FREE.

  1. Single Donor Organic Virgin Hair – (6A)  – Straight, Body Wave, Deep wave
  2. Brazilian/Malaysian Virgin Hair – 5A   – Straight , Body Wave or Deep Wave
  3. Brazilian/Malaysian Remy Hair – 3A  – Cuticle FREE Hair.      

     2.  Fusion Samples Kit

Fusion Hair Extensions unlike weft are separate strands. So ,FREE Fusion extensions come in 5 strands per type. These 5 Strands are good enough to test product quality.

  1. I-tip , U-Tip, Flat-tip keratin Bonded Hair Extensions
  2. Micro ring hair extensions 
  1. Other.       Tape Hair  – 20” – #60 Virgin Hair

Weft + Fusion, 40g of Hair is FREE for Sampling. For each additional unit just add $5, you shall get all kind of Hair extensions samples to test.

3.        Who– can I get Free Hair Samples?

Yes, if you are Stylists, Hair Retailer or Wholesaler, you can get these mini samples to test and know quality. Before spending $$$ of dollars on BAD Hair, test these samples for FREE.

4.       Where and how can I get -FREE Hair Extensions Samples?

Best quality hair extensions samples are just click away, just click the clink and choose the samples kits you want a to have we will send your immediately

  • Suzanne Baker

    I do all types of extensions, looking for unprocessed hair. Top quality.

    • Krishna

      Helo Suzanne,
      We offer Unprocessed Single Donor Organic Virgin Hair for Our premium Clients.
      You can sample few of these to test the quality.


  • Suzanne Baker

    Looking for unprocessed hair top quality, I do all types extensions.

  • Kay

    I’m a hair stylist and I offer hair weaving for clients with thinning hair. Im looking for top lace pieces with 6aaaaaa quality.. I’m a wholesaler as well, pls send me any info you can provide

  • ntombizandile p gqwaka

    I sell brazillian lace wigs and weaves, please send me the samples, colour 1 and colour 4